• NASA Updates (One of) Its Oldest Displays

    It looks like it’s zero hour for the NASA countdown clock. After more than 40 years of operation at the Kennedy Space Center – the clock is set to be replaced by a more modern LED display. It’s interesting to use the retirement of the clock as a data point on how fast display technologies are now changing.  Although most of the world moved to LED displays over a decade ago – the iconic countdown clock, when it was originally envisioned, was a pretty interesting display. ... Read More »

  • The Nobel Prize Goes to…AV?

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics will go to the three inventors of the blue LED (light-emitting diode).  If you work in the AV space, then you already know the importance that the LED has on display technology in general. But you may not realize how the blue LED allowed LEDs to move from niche products and single-color signage displays to displays that are able to emit basically any color in the common gamut. The work by Isamu Akaski and Hiroshi Amano at Nagoya University in Japan as ... Read More »

  • Conducting Effective Meetings Just Became Faster. Enter the 45-second Meeting Launch.

    This month we're launching Solstice 2.1, and its focus addresses a pet peeve of mine – bad business meetings and lost productivity. We’ve been looking at how to address productivity-loss in meetings with the Solstice collaboration software for a while, but the 2.1 release directly addresses some of the more glaring problems in conducting effective meetings. I probably don’t have to spend much time describing how business meetings can have such a negative impact on productivity – you’ve almost certainly attended meetings that are used for bureaucratic accountability-dodging, company politics and insulating participants from their real work.  A fairly well known ... Read More »

  • Color Innovation: Quantum Dot Displays and New Standards for the AV Industry

    I was on the road with an AV reseller/partner recently who asked me what companies (excluding my own) I think are the most exciting in the AV space. My answer surprised her – NanoSys and 3M (she’d never heard of NanoSys and still viewed 3M through the lens of their legacy line of projectors). So why these companies?  They are at the forefront of an interesting new display technology that has the potential to improve display image quality in a dramatic way – Quantum Dots. Haven’t heard about them? They were probably the hottest topic at last ... Read More »

  • Techno-Inversion: What it means for companies when consumer technology comes first

    I'm sitting in a midtown hotel lobby in New York surrounded by what I call a technology inversion. What's that? Well, in general, the evolution of technology follows fairly predictable patterns. Large problems are given attention by large institutions (governments, academic communities, corporate research labs) and their solutions are then productized. These products are then utilized by these same large institutions until, much later, they find applications in small business, the home, and finally, the consumer space. This is a familiar story and was how almost all of your technology landscape evolved: your iPad is the product of ENIAC, ... Read More »