• Riding the Crest of AV and IT Convergence

    If you work in either the Audio Visual (AV) or Information Technology (IT) sectors of our economy – you’ve probably heard the term ‘AV/IT convergence’. It’s a term that gets over-used and unless you’ve been installing cables on Mars you’re probably as tired of hearing about it as I am. What AV/IT convergence really means, in short, is that most of AV is being rethought in terms of software. Systems that once required complex and custom hardware can be re-envisioned as software or even cloud-based services. Cool. But you’ll notice that the convergence is mostly one-directional – AV systems aren’t replacing software. This ... Read More »

  • Content is King

    I was in a meeting recently with a video teleconferencing company who, perhaps surprisingly, made the comment ‘we all know that content is more important than video and voice’. A lot has changed since the early focus on portrait video of participant faces as the main channel for collaboration. It was a refreshing moment to see that the industry has recognized that content-centered meetings are fundamentally different (and often more important) than the accurate portrayal of each participant’s video. I’d like to think one of the reasons Solstice took off the way ... Read More »

  • 3 Basic Things AV Technologists Should Know but Maybe Don’t

    I’m a software guy – I view most problems through the lens of software flexibility, algorithms, and user experience design. It’s probably why I was so shocked when I first realized that trillions of pixels were being deployed every year without a thought about how they are to be accessed and shared (past the video cable). Since that moment, we’ve developed and sold software that Intel rightly called 'software defined displays' several years ago. We decided that the Audio/Visual resellers and integrators were the right partners for us. Contrary to popular belief in ... Read More »

  • Techno-Inversion Part 2: AV Tech Fights Cancer

    The technology driving your display may also help cure cancer. While it’s only been a few short years since the introduction of ‘Quantum Dots’ to consumer displays, they have been of interest to the scientific community since the mid-1980s and they are about to make a real difference in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Whenever a technology can be leveraged for completely new applications - I take notice. Cleverly borrowing successful technologies from one market and applying them to a new application space can mean real innovation and disruption. I covered quantum ... Read More »

  • What Does Market Disruption Really Look Like?

    You may have noticed it has been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy holding onto my proverbial hat as the collaboration market has gone from rapid growth to full explosion. I’ve been spending my time trying to understand how technology-based collaboration should evolve as our customers envision the future of their workplaces. It’s been a tough task – the market is in a period of hyper-inflation i.e. extremely rapid adoption driven by multiple trends. I was able to see the effects of hyper-inflation for collaboration earlier this week ... Read More »