• Winning “Best of” Award – A Catalyst for Reflection

    I’ve found a quiet spot off the InfoComm 2015 show floor for a quick post about the “Best of InfoComm” awards. It looks like we’ve won Best Product in the Collaboration category again for the second year in a row. In part, I think winning an award like this is as much about the quality of the product as it is about market timing – I’ve been around long enough to know that timing is probably every bit as big of a factor in the success of Solstice. For me and the team at ... Read More »

  • Three Things I Want to Learn at InfoComm and Three Things I Already Know

    Okay – InfoComm is just around the corner. Along with ISE it’s the largest Audio Visual tradeshow of the year.  Anything related to display systems, room control, audio distribution, media streaming, and collaboration makes an appearance at the show. I’ve been attending InfoComm since 2007 and as much as I am tempted to predict the “coolest” things to appear at the show, I thought it’d be more interesting to point out what I hope to learn. There are things I don’t have a handle on – but I’m sure after ... Read More »

  • Forget Netflix – The 5th Generation of Wireless is about Connecting Everything

    I was on the phone last night with a colleague (who prefers to remain nameless) from the computer networking world. He’s both a scientist and an engineer I respect, so when the conversation turned to the future of wireless media and the wireless network in general - I grabbed a pen. We discussed the implications of next generation of wireless technologies as they are deployed around the world. The 5th generation of wireless represents a dramatic upgrade from the already impressive 4G networks of today. A 4G network can provide 100 Mbps (Megabits per-second) – plenty of bandwidth to download video, ... Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes at Mersive… with Lewis Roetto

    Work-life balance means something different in a technology start-up. For us at Mersive, it means that all those late nights and weekends are balanced by dedicated downtime, family time, and generally playing as hard as we work.  Getting that balance right means you have a vibrant innovative company that remains creative, happy, and ultimately more productive. It also means your company can, and should be composed of individuals that are, at their core, very different but complement one another with their different strengths. We work hard to foster cohesion and encourage collaboration between people who, passing on the street, may ... Read More »

  • AV Everywhere – the Coming of Open Spaces

    I was in Manhattan last week and was asked to tour a space that represents the future of a Fortune-50 company. An entire floor in their downtown headquarters had been built to create a more open, collaborative, and technology supported workspace that they will begin to roll out worldwide this year. It was both beautiful and functional – which is a real testament to the individuals within these companies and their AV consultants/integrators who are embracing the changing workplace. The views from the space were amazing, but I was more impressed by the depth of thought that had gone into envisioning the future of the corporate ... Read More »