• Great first day at InfoComm!

    Great first day at InfoComm! Solstice was named as the best collaboration product by Commercial Integrator in its 49 BEST Products of 2014 award AND Solstice received the 2014 SCN InfoComm Installation Product Award for the Most Innovative Software Collaboration Product. We still have two more days to go... Read More »

  • Off to InfoComm 2014

    I’m boarding a plane to Las Vegas for my eighth InfoComm show and I couldn’t be more ready for it to get underway. New shoe inserts, a haircut, and a new version of Solstice that was months in the making.  Mersive's first InfoComm was in 2007 as a true outsider - “What do Computer Scientists have to do with the AV Industry??”  Since then, we have been a witness and a catalyst to the growing adoption of software in the AV business. Now I get to hear things like, “I need an IT management ... Read More »

  • Software: The Next Opportunity for AV Resellers

    Software always eats hardware.  What do I mean by that?  Just that expensive and proprietary hardware evolves into software running on commodity platforms.  This phenomenon is now happening with increasing speed in AV – and it’s a great opportunity for AV resellers. It’s a chance to leverage software for ease of use, deeper integration of AV systems throughout an enterprise, and reduced cost and support.  Clearly, customers want these things and are seeking out AV integrators who can provide them. This new world of software driven AV is a wireless, flexible, and connected world. When it comes to wireless, 90 percent ... Read More »

  • Activity Based Working: Enterprise Adopts Collaborative Models from Education

    In today’s new global economic state, many companies are looking to improve their bottom line through efficiency gains, productivity tools, and collaboration as opposed to more traditional models of market growth. Large companies are now seriously re-thinking just about everything in their business processes. In the quest to make a workspace more productive, almost nothing is sacred and long-standing corporate traditions are being redesigned. I'm now regularly meeting with folks whose titles range from “collaboration specialist” and “productivity engineer” to “vice president for innovation management.”  This is an exciting time for anyone thinking about how to support the workspace through ... Read More »

  • Software + Commodity Hardware in the AV Industry

    Someone at the National Science Foundation once told me - “Never call your software a platform. That means it has lost its focus. Once you're as big as Oracle, you can use the word platform.”  That comment has stuck with me for more than a decade, and I've always tried to keep software creation laser-like focused on the problem it solves directly. But I do think that the platform is still important to consider. Platforms involve both the software and the hardware that it runs on. In most cases, a product’s platform is application software + commodity hardware – this is ... Read More »